Alexa Lane accepts payments through PayPal (we accept payment via PayPal balance or you can pay through PayPal without having a PayPal account by using your credit card).  Please note buyers choosing to pay with PayPal e-cheque payments (where you have no funds in your PayPal account and your PayPal account is not linked to a credit card but instead your bank account) we do not receive the payment for five days so we must wait until echeque payments are cleared before your order can be dispatched.  We recommend never paying by echeque payments because of the long delay which unfortunately we have no control over. 
  • Please note that if you payment is made by e-cheque via PayPal, your order will not commence until the e-cheque clears into our PayPal account (this generally takes 5 working days).
  • Please note that we will not commence your order until payment is received.

Bank Deposit

Bank Deposit allows you to pay directly into our Bank Account. Our bank details will appear at the checkout once you have completed your order. Please note that your order will not be dispatched until payment has cleared into our account which can take two business days at a minimum. It is appreciated that all Bank Deposit payments are made within 72 hours of placing your order or your order may  be cancelled.